About Me

I am a recent arts graduate, for the last few years I have been creating films, installations and performances under the watchful gaze of a handful of hardworking tutors. I loved my time at University, I am extremely proud of the work I made and although I am sure having a career in artist filmmaking is not for me, my creations allowed me to explore certain subjects in near excruciating detail.

All of my projects at University focused on the theme of sex. Starting out exploring glitch art to represent the female orgasm, continuing on to make a satirical parody of the sex education films we saw at school, later a 16mm look at the ageing body, and our relationship to our vessels as they change over the years. In my final year I recreated famous feminist performance pieces on a popular cam-girl website and documented the psychological effects I found on myself and the other users of the website, using this experience to create a video installation exploring women’s agency online and discussing how the world of sex and desire is being changed by the online sphere. The joy I found in researching and creating these projects has given me the motivation to work really hard to understand the psychological aspects of the sexual impulse.

This blog is a space where I can collate all of the interesting material I have found, and continue to discover every day. This is going to be a personal blog, for my own thoughts and experiences…I am not expecting many, if anyone to actually read it – but if someone does so happen to stumble upon this post, please note it is a place of free discussion. I want to open up dialogue about the culture of sex, the psychology of sex , the beautiful, the sordid and the scientifically engaging. Some things discussed may be taboo, or hard to swallow, but I am not one for “Trigger Warnings” etc – I want frank and honest discussions – I want academic studies and evidence of how we can move forward, confronting fears and challenges, discovering new ways to have better sex, better education, more open societies and a better understanding of the mind and how varied and different peoples sexual desires and needs can be.

To read more about my film work please go to: https://bebemovingimage.tumblr.com OR https://vimeo.com/bebebentley OR EVEN https://cyberfeministmanifesto.tumblr.com



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