“The Girl Who Cried Pain”

Recently I stumbled upon an article saved in my bookmarks since 2015. The article is entitled “Female Pain: Living with an Illness That No One Believes In”  this led me on to another similar article from the same online magazine “One Third of Women are Living in Sexual Pain that is Ruining Their Lives” and then finally onto this one “How Doctors Take Women’s Pain Less Seriously”.

I began to think about my own personal experience with the health service in the United Kingdom, and with the upcoming election my Facebook is flooded with meme’s trying to persuade me to “Vote to Save Our NHS” I begin to recount the positive and negative experiences I’ve had with both private and government run healthcare.

While the articles above are interesting, they’re all anecdotal. I have had similar, what I would consider poor, experiences when it has come to my gynaecological and mental wellbeing in the past, but the attitudes of doctors and nurses I have met has varied widely.  I decided to look further into whether there is a genuine disparity between men and women’s treatment – and particularly if women’s health is taken “less seriously”.

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