My experience in the subversive world of cam-girls and the psychological consequences.

In my final year at University I created a three channel video installation surrounding the theme of Cam-Girls. For those that are not familiar Cam-Girling is a form of online sex work. Patrons of various websites watch Cam Models performing sexually explicit acts, the users of sites pay the models per minute, or via tips and paid private sessions. You can also pay for their social media videos and links such as SnapChat/Skype etc. These sites have grown increasingly more popular as the internet proliferates, and with the developing demand for instant gratification the sites have become a niche area of the porn and sex work industry. These sites have also become a place of artistic inspiration, (I fully include myself in this category) with artists such as Dye Lindsey who uses CamGirling  as not only as a means of funding her Art Degree but also as a form of inspiration for her artistic practice.

My project entitled “Cyber Feminist Manifesto” attempted to infiltrate this subversive world. I reenacted famous feminist performance pieces from throughout contemporary art history. I performed these on a popular Cam Girl website, aiming to investigate firstly the public reaction to these performances, but to also gather evidence about the psychological effects of use of these sites for both the client, and the performer. This project was for my Degree show, for which I received a 1st and an award from the South Korea University of Seoul for my creativity and concept. If you are interested in the artistic concept and the evidence supporting that concept, I suggest you check out my other blog.

Judges from Seoul University (Korea) looking at the work. I won this prize from the Seoul University for creativity of concept.

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